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Concerned Citizens of Western Howard County (CCWHC) was organized in mid-2007 to fight "out of character" commercialism in rural communities where the General Plan says further commercialism is "impractical and undesirable". CCWHC is an entirely grassroots, voluntary, non-profit community group chartered as a 501(c)(4) Maryland corporation. Donations are not deductible under IRS regulations.

Our officers and board members are elected at an annual meeting every May. We have no paid staff. CCWHC's membership totals more than 300 families, representing approximately 1,000 Rural West residents.

At the CCWHC Annual Meeting in May 2013, an election was held to elect the Board of Directors for the 2013-2014 year. The Officers and Board Members are as follows:

Brenda Stewart - President
Warren Phillips - Vice President
Jennifer Noyes - Secretary  
Ann Phillips - Treasurer


Jackie Carson Wally Carson
Karen Kolbe Ted Mariani
Guy Moore Jim Stewart

Joan Becker Jim Horton
Robin Horton Martha Prats
Ben Prats  


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