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Preserving the Land  

Maryland Agricultural Preservation Foundation (MALPF)

In addition to easements purchased by the Howard County Agricultural Land Preservation Program, ALPP, the MALPF program also purchases agricultural easements, and has acquired almost 4,000 easement acres in Howard County. The MALPF program is administered locally. Questions or requests pertaining to MALPF properties should be directed to Joy Levy 410-313-5407.

Easement Termination Termination Policy

All MALPF easements prior to 2004 contain a provision that allows a property owner to petition to buy back their development rights from the State after 25 years, if it can be shown that profitable farming is no longer feasible on the property.

For an easement to be terminated, both MALPF and the county's governing body must approve the owner's request. MALPF's responsibilty is to judge economic feasibility. Howard County executive Ken Ulman has approved a policy for termination review that focuses on land use priorities, including consistency with comprehensive planning goals and the effect of termination on vicinal properties.

The MALPF easement was originally intended to be perpetual. Termination would require extraordinary circumstances. Howard County will work very hard to protect the investment it has made in agricultural preservation over the years.


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