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Dear Neighbor,

Thanks to everyone again for the incredible show of support at last month's Planning Board hearings. In addition to the terrific oral testimony provided by so many of you, many more residents took the time to write letters, sign petitions and send emails. All of this effort, along with donations to fund our legal representation, has paid off.

We are excited to report that the Planning Board has voted to recommend that the existing RC-DEO zone for the Woodmont property remain unchanged. In so doing, the Planning Board has effectively voted to recommend denying the petitioner's request to change the zone of the Woodmont property to an Institutional Overlay (I) zone; and it has voted to recommend denying the Department of Planning and Zoning's proposed Community Center Transition (CCT) zone.

This is GREAT NEWS, but this is just the beginning---we need the continued support of the community to maintain our momentum. The Planning Board's recommendation will now go to the County Executive's office and the County Council. There are basically two potential outcomes:

1. The County Executive determines that the Woodmont re-zoning request should remain part of the comprehensive re-zoning bill which he will file with the County Council later this month (and on which the County Council will then vote on in July).

2. The County Executive honors the Planning Board's recommendation and takes the Woodmont re-zoning request out of the bill. This means that the Woodmont property stays in the Rurual Conservation District and all future development must go thru the Conditional Use process.

So what are our next steps?

1. Financial Support: Our success at the Planning Board level was due in large part to our legal team. If we are to carry this success to the next phase, another infusion of donations by the end of the month. Many of you have expressed interest in donating but have not gotten around to it; others of you have previously donated and we ask you to consider making an additional contributions. NOW IS THE TIME. The next few months are crucial-- we cannot stress enough how important every dollar raised is to our effort. Please encourage friends and neighbors to donate; send emails, talk it up. We ask that you consider what a re-zoning and loss of the rural landscape could potentially do to your home's value. There are two ways to donate: check or via paypal.

a. Make checks payable to RRDW, Inc
RRDW, Inc.
PO Box 4
Lisbon, MD 21765

click donate via PayPal to donate via PayPal/credit card

2. Contact the County Executive Ken Ulman: He will be considering the Planning Board's recommendation and will ultimately decide whether re-zoning the Woodmont property becomes part of the bill presented to County Council in June. RRDW Executive Board and legal team have met with all members of the County Council as well as with Ken Ulman. It is the opinion of the RRDW members who met with the County Executive that he will probably opt to leave the Woodmont re-zoning as part of the bill, despite the recommendation of the Planning Board. It is for this reason that we need you once again to write letters. Click here to email County Executive Ken Ulman. He will be pre-filing the bill on May 22nd; he needs to hear from you ASAP. We need to let him know why he should honor the Planning Board's recommendation and take the Woodmont re-zoning out of the bill. Click here for suggested talking points for letters/emails to the County Executive

Kenneth S. Ulman
Office of County Executive
George Howard Building
3430 Courthouse Drive, Ellicott City, MD 21043

3. Petitions: Nearly 1000 signed petitions were submitted to the Planning Board. Copies of these will in turn be submitted to the County Executive and County Council. Please continue to send in your petitions; download and print for neighbors and friends. Click here to download the RRDW Petition.

4. Attend the upcoming County Council Hearing on June 24th: If the County Executive opts to leave the Woodmont re-zoning in the bill, it will then go to County Council for a vote. Prior to that, there will be a public hearing; we are asking you to save the date of June 24th, 6pm, place TBD. This hearing will be silmilar to the Planning Board hearing in that we will offer official testimony and need hundreds of people from the community in the seats.

  • May 22nd: Deadline for the County Executive to pre-file the comprehensive re-zoning bill with the County Council.
  • June 3rd: bill will be introduced to the County Council
  • June 24th: County Council Hearing for properties in the Western part of the county

For updated information on the County Council comprehensive re-zoning process, please visit the County website at County Council Comprehensive Re-zoning Process

RRDW has shown how much a grass roots opposition movement can accomplish and the Board thanks everyone for their time, effort and financial support.

RRDW Executive Board
Glenn Moran, President
Chaunfayta Hightower, Vice-President
David Yungmann, Vice-Presidemt
Rob DeSantis, Secretary
Vicky Cutroneo, Corresponding Secretary
Tim Pearson, Treasurer
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